Genskof portes ouvertes:
Affiche 2019
Affiche 2017
Invitation Genskof portes ouvertes
Invitation Genskof portes ouvertes 2017
Invitation Genskof portes ouvertes 2015

Behind Genskof, a surgeon emerit professor of University of Paris is hiding. Surgeon and anatomist, Genskof has always been painting. And is well known overseas. Genskof has been acquired in at least 2 museums in France and a number of private collections mainly in US, France and Italy. Working in oils, acrylic, mixed medias & collages, these works show admiration for classical, modern, and contemporary artists. By stylist tribute, ranging from classic to whimsical these works have been acquired by enthusiastic collectors around the world.

Comments :

  1. Guerin says:

    Bonjour Mme Genskof,
    J’ai visité votre site, découvert votre talent de peintre mais aussi votre très brillante carrière. J’éprouve beaucoup d’admiration pour la femme que vous êtes et tenait à vous le dire. C’est avec beaucoup de plaisir que je participerais aux ateliers du 16e, comme vous me l’avez si gentiment proposé.
    Avec toute mon admiration et mon respect.
    Ghislaine Guérin (Librairie Lamartine)nn1

  2. C. WILLIAM SIMCOE, MD says:


  3. Priscilla Arnold, MD says:

    It is astounding to see the work of this creative artist, who challenges viewers to think about the process of representation and the message of art with both humor and great seriousness. I am honored to own a painting of Genskof.

  4. Ellen Troyer says:

    Your self portrait has found its way into my kitchen since that tends to be where friends and family gather. It never fails to stimulate interesting conversations about art and how important it is to really see what’s right in front of our eyes. Thank you again for allowing me to purchase this extraordinary piece.

  5. Lisa Arbisser, MD says:

    I wasn’t aware of this amazing art you are making. what an interesting surrealistic amalgam of medicine and imagination.

  6. Amar Agarwal says:

    Excellent work. Keep it up.

  7. A. K. says:

    Your creativity is impressive!

  8. Rita Baga says:

    J’adore, soyons fous!

  9. Ellen Troyer says:

    Your self portrait arrived today. I love, love love the piece. It’s hanging in my entrance hall right now, but will no doubt live in a number of different spots since this oil represents a woman who doesn’t stay put and rest on previous laurels. I look forward to seeing you at the Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in the fall.

  10. Having studied with you in St. Tropez in August/September 2009, you’ve inspired me to work in oil. I now value your art even more, and treasure the pieces I have on my walls. Owners of Genskof oils and collages are lucky indeed.

  11. Looking forward to studying with you!

  12. I never knew you were also an artist. Congratulations. Phil